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My name is Geraldine Rodriguez Bustos.
I have 17 years, born in Fusagasuga.
My blood type is A +, mido 1.55
and weight 45 kilos
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My family consists of my mom, my sister,my father

and my lovely pet. They are the most important people in

my life, I love and appreciate every moment I enjoy them


This is my beautiful pet, name Hacky

is 2 years old, but a pet is the spoiled child of the

house and the people who come to visit. He was born in Chinauta


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Apart from being an animal is unconditional with my

friend that sometimes.I feel the need to hold her

to feel better, she is always with me and never

moved away from my life.She is part of this family also


Hem and they are my friends with whom I have shared

unforgettable moments, are people with all the qualities to be my

favorite friends. With each of them I have a story to tell and remember


What I like being in my free time is to be on

the computer listening to music or watching videos of

something interesting.I also like to be on my phone talking to my friends


What I have thought about studying when school is out of criminology,

I emciona and extraordinary cases watch shows about it. I love this

race and fight for it as. I love this race and fight for it anyway,

although perhaps a little heavy but that's all for my dream.


Where I want to study it at the Javeriana University and

I've seen it's a good college where I can fulfill my dreams

and I hope to study large studies have

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